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You are advised to carefully fill-up on-line application form stating briefly your special interest under the column “ special interest relevant to this application” stating clearly your motivation for further development in any specific field branch he had been working. You are also required to state clearly about the advantages in academic growth, expected by you in the specific section of the application format titled “How would this award benefit you?” The names of the referees must be from your respective areas. You have to apply for award through online application form along with your write-ups note within 2-3 pages or bio-data/CV or research paper or project report or letter of appreciation as per requirement duly on-line attached. 

 Before completing this form, please carefully review the awards category (Academic Awards, Publication Awards, Research Awards, Outstanding Awards & Professional Awards) on RHS hyperlinked. A nominee must meet the entire category before being considered as a nominee for any award.

 In case you feel any difficulty in uploading your file through this online system, then you may attach in your own mail and you may send at & you have to be point out your name, designation, correspondence address, corresponding E-Mail and the name of the award for which you are sending your file.

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