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The Awards will be given to Scientist, Academicians, Professionals and Technologists whose outstanding achievements in science, engineering, management, pharmacy and technology have been worldwide and nationally recognized. The concerned scientist, academicians, engineers, professionals and technologists should fill up the online application format and get it submitted. For this goal pleased click on Apply for Awards.

NOTE: Nominees must submit a completed on line application form and put in writing a brief statement explaining why you should receive the award in response of question, how would this award benefit you? You should also include on hand text in response of, special interests relevant to this application.



(A) For consideration of any award, you must read the concerned description very carefully, to provide all the relevant details, a separate write-up note should be prepared showing the importance of the work he has performed, and how he should be considered for any award, must be emphasized in  “.doc” or “.pdf”  format and not more than two pages, A-4 size.

(B) It would be necessary to upload a file, write up note about outstanding effort/biography/ research paper/summery of books etc which are considered necessary, reasons for consideration of any award must be illustrated properly.

(C) The deserving persons can send their outstanding effort/excellent research work/innovations /biography/ research paper/summery of books etc, any time for consideration of award and he will be communicate suitably after final review of his case, within 45 days from the date of submission.

(D) In case of your getting any award, a separate appreciation letter would be giving by the secretary/authority of award broadcast commission. This would be available on on-line information also. And then you would be recognized internationally. The award winning information would be circulated to all concerned institutions also, i.e. foreign universities,  NITs, IITs, all India universities of Indian territory and autonomous institution of higher education, new channels and news papers as well.


REMARK: Alternatively, candidates can apply by electronic mail message by comprising an application form at ...