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These awards aim to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to research. The award recognizes fundamental research that leads to insights into research paper publications, innovations, scientific research, technological research etc. The nominee's research may be focused on computer science & IT, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physical science, chemical science, mathematical science, bio technology, nano- technology, management, pharmaceutical science research. The outstanding research Awards aim to promote excellent research to enhance technological research. Researchers may come from academia, other research institutions or industry. Nominations for deserving candidates for awards are welcome and may be made by individuals at any time throughout the year. Each nomination must be in online submitted. We hope these awards shall foster excellence, enhance research visibility, and provide an opportunity for collective recognition of dedicated and deserving researchers internationally. The various Awards are given to those deserving nominees who have been doing vigorous and outstanding research in field of Engineering, Management and Pharmacy. The nominees may apply directly after filling up the prescribed on-line submission formats. Attachment of ".doc" or ".pdf" file must include a current curriculum vita OR resume for the candidate/ significance of research work, supporting letters, etc in brief.

Any such academician/scientist who is having enormous research and academic experience and if any outstanding work out having subsequent eligibility:

All active Full time, Part time or Emeritus Faculty is eligible.

03 years outstanding research with a minimum of 01 years at level of assistant Professor.

Nationally and Internationally recognized scientific contributions for example:

                              ** Citations in top scientific journals

          ** Membership on expert panels

          ** Sustained extramural funding

          ** Awards

         ** Elite national honor societies

         ** Invited addresses

Significant contributions to the development of research at worldwide

Outstanding mentoring and leadership qualities.

has been executed by him/her may send their application with details. Then such academician/scientist/ professional may apply for any of the following awards for his particular areas/ branches whatever covered by him.

John Von Neumann Award for area of Computer Science & IT

Joseph J. Thomson Award for area of Electronics Engineering

James Clerk Maxwell Award for area of Electrical Engineering

Ludwig Boltzmann Award for area of Mechanical Engineering

Sathyendranath Bose Award for area of Physical Science

Emil Fischer Award for area of Chemical Science

Euclid Award for area of Mathematical Science

Dr. J. C. Bose Award for area of Bio Technology

Vikrama Sarabhai Award for area of Nano- Technology

Michael Porter Award for area of Management

E J Corey Award for area of pharmaceutical scien