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Dear academicians / scientists / researchers and authors,

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IJCEIT) ISSN 0974-2034 welcomes your contributions to publish your research manuscripts in our peer-reviewed IJCEIT. We are proved to inform you that our evaluation procedure, of the submitted manuscripts is very fast and the evaluation time is between 3-4 weeks only, which is very fast by any standard. In addition, we are in constant contact with the authors so as to keep them informed about the progress of the evaluation process.


We would like to invite you to submit manuscripts of your original papers, for possible publication in IJCEIT which is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the proliferation and dissemination of scholarly research results covering all topics of computer engineering & information technology, and other applied areas. Its Editorial Board is comprised of internationally known peers from across the globe. We are proud to have attracted some of the global leaders in their respective fields. All submissions should be made electronically to the editor-in-chief through on line submission.


The IJCEIT is an international research journal, which publishes original research work related to strategic and applied studies in the field of every area of computer engineering & information technology. The IJCEIT publishes high quality research manuscripts and review manuscripts include all aspects of computer engineering & information technology and others relevant topics considered.


The Editor in chief makes this report stating that he has the pleasure of publishing your manuscripts in the international journal. More information of the manuscripts and the publishing process can be obtained at:


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If you click AUTHOR GUIDELINE, you will come to know to how the manuscript is made and other related issue.


If you click SUBMIT MANUSCRIPT, you find 2 steps there. If you fulfill both the steps and submit, your manuscript is directly submitted to the publisher.


If you click the EDITORIAL BOARD, you will come to know about the members of the Editorial board.


If you click EDITORIAL WORKFLOW, you will come to know modus-operandi of work at Editors level.


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EXCLUSIVENESS AND COPYRIGHT If you click on this, you will find the copy right transfer form and other information about the copy right which would be of use later.


If you click INSTANCE CALENDAR, you will come to know the calendar of IJCEIT and their editions and also the date for submission of your manuscript.


We, really, look forward to receive your excellent and high quality research manuscript and bulletin and give us the opportunity to provide you with our outstanding publishing services. Kindly accept our esteem regards and appreciation.


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