International Society of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ISEEE) seeks members that are active, cooperative and willing to undertake joint efforts and collaborate in transnational developments. The Consortium seeks experts in related fields that are willing to share their expertise and learn from others in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment that follows the rapid evolution of the Technology. ISEEE is a non-profit organization comprised of educational, research, industrial, and multilateral organizations throughout the world. The Consortium has been established to foster scientific, engineering, and technology education, joint international research and development efforts among its members, and to provide a cost-effective vehicle for the application and transfer of technology.


The objectives of the Consortium are to conceive, plan, and carry out activities of technical education, research and development, and technology transfer, for the purpose of facilitating scientific and technical progress of the entire countries. ISEEE participants encourage the free flow and access of information in the pursuit of technical excellence. By coordinating eminent personnel and resources from diverse geographical locations, ISEEE has developed a mechanism called the Initiative, which is an organized effort to create activities to address a specific area of concern. The Initiatives are member-driven, flexible, and run concurrently.


The key to constant development is R&D. ISEEE hopes to contribute in this by supporting research and development activities in the areas of Society of electronics and electrical engineering and technology. It constantly endeavors to provide publicity to development of high relevance to the trade through its newsletter and listings at the website.

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