Outstanding Academic Achievement Award - 2009 to Prof. Rajesh K. Shukla


The SERC is pleased to announce the winner of the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2009. Prof. Rajesh K. Shukla, Vice Principal & Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Corporate Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal (M.P.), India has proven himself to be dedicated to volunteerism to support technical and engineering education initiatives. He has contributed to advancing the engineering profession in society by mentoring many engineering graduates who have immigrated to India.  Prof. Shukla, had completed very outstanding work in academic field in engineering and technology, since last a few years. Recently, a conference at national level was organized at Bhopal, and the proceeding papers of the participants in that conference were published in international journals. This had ultimately attracted and motivated the participants and after being modified the proceeding papers, by the participants and getting it reshaped as research paper, it has created an exhaustive & intensive interest in the participants for publication of research papers in international journals. Apart from such work, Prof. Shukla was involved in different research activities, viz. as a review of research papers, and to encourage the teachers engaged in engineering colleges for doing their research activities alongwith academic activities as well. Prof. Shukla assists in information search techniques and manuscript writing, either directly or through SERC as the editorial board member.