Ludwig - Boltzmann Award 2009 to Professor (Dr.) N. Bose


Ludwig Boltzmann Award 2009 for area of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded to Dr. N. Bose, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mepco Engineering College, Tamilnadu, India for the year 2009 for his excellent work in field of mechanical engineering. Dr. Bose had completed his Ph.D. from Anna University, Chennai and his eight research papers have already been published in various journals i.e. IJMAE, an SERC journal and had written two books also in area of mechanical engineering. Dr. Bose is also having membership of four professional bodies/societies Apart from the above; he had already received 13 prize/medal/awards in the past also. Throughout his lengthy academic career, he was responsible for fostering new technology and creation, new functioning environments for R & D and a new era of research publication activities along with academic activities. He was cited as “an innovation move to control noise pollution of the 21st century, who inspires individuals and organizations to creative and collaborative efforts for the betterment of worldwide, particularly in the fields of thermal engineering, environmental protection through control of noise pollution, mechanical engineering education and technological development.” His work is referenced widely in international journals and the media.