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On through analysis, it has been noticed that the teaching faculties have to perform their duties including teaching and research publication as well, which is found very unfortunate. Specifically, it has been noticed that their publications in national and international journals is not promising. It is only because of non-availability of proper guidance to such teaching faculties. This is resulting in very considerable condition not only on the teaching faculties but on the students also. To eliminate such shortcomings, it has been decided to provide them proper guidance; the above Helpline has been made available to them. Its main objective is to motivate and improve very effective education system in future.

Under this Helpline, the guidance will be provided from the world-renowned educationists, professors including IITs, NITs, and other foreign universities. The Helpline would be provided absolutely free of cost. For this purpose, you are required to select the related topics from any branch, viz. Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT, Nanotechnology, Bio- Engineering, etc. After selection of topic, you shall be required to prepare an abstract within 80 to 500 words maximum.


In case you feel any difficulty in uploading your abstract through this system, then you may attach ".doc/.docx file" of your abstract in your own mail and you may send at directabstract@serc.org.in openly & you have to be point out your name, designation, correspondence address, corresponding E-Mail and the name of the Journal/Magazine for which you are sending your abstract, must be mentioned in your E-Mail.


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